8 Steps to Help You Enjoy Male Sex Toys Better

Getting your grubby little hands on a good male sex toy is a privilege – one that must be met with ample responsibility and supported by plenty of knowledge. The wonderful world of marital aids is now larger than ever, making it nearly impossible for men to find what they need or enjoy the orgasms they desire. However, once the ideal product is found, most men have no idea how to make the most of their purchase and that’s just a shame.

As such, the following are eight surefire ways to ensure you fall in love with your new toy in a safe and natural way:

Step One: Pick Out the Right Toy

First and foremost, it’s important to select the right male masturbator before ever attempting to enjoy anything. After all, how will you derive pleasure from a device that’s not right for your body type or sexual appetites? The sheer variety on the modern market is astounding, with something available for almost everyone. Use a good buyer’s guide to learn all the ways to determine a good male masturbator from a bad one, and then make your selection based on factors that are most important to you and/or your partner(s).

Step Two: Carefully Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Regardless of which male masturbator you end up buying or how much experience you have with this kind of thing, it’s still important to carefully go over the instruction manual before ever putting anything on your dick – toys, lubes, or otherwise. Here’s why: Not all male masturbation devices are made the same. Furthermore, even similar products require different habits and behaviors depending on what they’re made out of. Each one will function in a unique way and some of them are even compatible with one another. Do you know your masturbator as well as it’s about to know you? If not, change that.

Step Three: Use the Ideal Lube

Once familiar with the operations and limitations of your new male masturbator, don’t forget about the importance of selecting the perfect lube to use with it. Lube type will be determined by the material make-up of the toy as well as things like your skin type and personal preferences. However, some toys can only be used with certain types of lubrication. For example: Silicone toys must be used with water-based lubes or else the toy will become irreparably damaged. Make sure you know where you stand before proceeding and take the time to study a lubrication buyer’s guide to get the most bang for your buck.

Step Four: Get Used to It

The best part about getting a new male masturbator is trying it out for the first time . . .and for the 100th time too. It’s important to get used to how your toy operates before making your mind up about it. Some toys have bonus features that are difficult to find, especially if you skip step three and don’t look at the owner’s manual. Other toys are made in such a way that they feel a whole lot better once they’ve been broken in by the user. Remember that certain materials and sleeve textures will slightly mold to the shape and size of your penis (unlike a vagina), so give it time to acquaint itself with your body.

Step Five: Start Experimenting

So, once you’ve gotten used to your new play thing and you’ve become very familiar with how it feels and operates, you can then start experimenting with it. This is an especially enjoyable step for those who select compatible or high-tech male sex toys because those types have special features that can only be explored through lengthy experimentation sessions (and usually require a partner). The experimentation phase is exciting and can take you places you’ve never been before, but keep in mind that you’ll still have to mind whatever the instruction manual says to prevent toy breakage or injury.

Step Six: Clean Up After Yourself

When all is said and done and you’ve exhausted your genitals and the toy itself, don’t forget to clean up properly. A good bath goes a long way with all male masturbators, especially the ones with an ejaculate reservoir. Clean-up can be as simple as running the toy under warm water with some hypoallergenic soap, but things become a bit more complicated the more complex your masturbator becomes. Again, this information should be listed in the instruction manual so give it a look. If all else fails, look for a comprehensive sex toy cleaning guide for help.

Step Seven: Store It Correctly

Did you know that some male masturbators have to be stored in a special way or else a bunch of bad things can happen? Extreme heat or cold can actually make their materials and components break down, sometimes very quickly. And while many male masturbator manufacturers include storage pouches, bags or boxes with their products, that’s not always the case. Make sure you have a cool, dry, safe place for your items before buying them or else you could be sorry.

Step Eight: Register the Warranty (Where Applicable)

Some modern-day male masturbators come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Many are for a year or more, but the only way a buyer can become privy to that kind of protection is by registering the toy in time. Most toys with a warranty attached come with a registration card in the box, but some must be registered online at the maker’s official website. Either way, it’s crucial to keep your investment secured whenever you can. After all, you probably paid good money for that device in your hand.

In Summary

Proper sex toy maintenance and use are vital to the outcome of any toy-assisted masturbation session. Taking care of your male masturbators and learning how to properly use them will give you many years of enjoyment, while forgetting about the minor details can make it impossible to ever derive pleasure from that sex toy you’ve purchased.

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