7 Creative Uses for Your Male Masturbator

Got yourself one of those fancy new male masturbators, eh? You’re officially one of the cool kids. You’ll now be invited to more pants parties than you’ve ever dreamed possible. It’s time to dust off the Member’s Only jacket and dig out the Stetson cologne. Or not.

The real way to truly enjoy whatever sex toy you just bought is to do each of the following three things before ever reading this article:

  • Read a comprehensive buyer’s guide to select the perfect product and a complimentary lube.
  • Teach yourself about proper sex toy clean-up and maintenance.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary equipment to explore each feature of your toy.

After that, you’ll want to go over a few of these creative uses for male masturbators just to make sure you’re doing it right. I mean, you’re a cool kid now. You can’t be using your male masturbators like a rookie anymore. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Improve Your Stamina

Sexual stamina is defined as the amount of time you can have sex or masturbate before ejaculating. According to recent studies, the average man has a stamina of only about two to five minutes, while the average woman has a sexual stamina that can last as long as 20 minutes. Obviously, there is a major discrepancy there, which means stamina training is necessary for a man who wants to truly please his partner. And regardless of who you sleep with, being able to last an adequate amount of time in bed is a very good thing – just ask your ex.

  • Practice Your Positioning

You do realize that there are more positions than missionary, right? If not, using the right male masturbator can help you figure that out. And even if you’re a big fan of doggy style and other positions, a good sex toy can revolutionize your skill set and transform your routine into something worth talking about. They say practice makes perfect, so why not use your new male masturbator as intended? In fact, there are even some special models out there that are made especially for position practicing and experimentation. Don’t believe me? Just look at some of the sex dolls and torsos they’re coming out with these days.

  • Engage in Orgasmic Experimentation

There are so many sexy things you can try on your body with a good male masturbator. The options are virtually endless, and the limitations go only as far as you allow them to. Whether you want to practice different positions, improve your sexual stamina, see how much you can take before you break, or indulge in a little BDSM with a partner, the right male masturbator will make it all safe, easy and possible. As long as you’re adhering to the owner’s manual, using the ideal lubrication, and have take the proper precautions against skin irritation and allergies there should be no worries about pushing the orgasmic envelope a tad.

  • Please Your Partner Like Never Before

Few things are more satisfying that being the cause of your partner’s uncontrollable O-face. Unfortunately, our bodies and mouths can’t always make that happen. Sex toys were invented for a reason, but that reason is not just so that individuals could masturbate alone in a dark room somewhere. Modern-day sex toys have all sorts of features for arousing couple’s play, so don’t dismiss the option completely just because it’s something new to you. As always, however, ask your partner what he/she would like to experience before selecting your toy. And don’t forget that many male masturbator manufacturers have started making compatible toys just for that reason.

  • Enhance the Porn You Love to Watch

Who doesn’t love a good porno flick? Chances are, if you’re using a modern-day male masturbator, you’re also watching a ton of porn. So, why not combine the two in a way you’ve never thought possible? Today’s best male masturbators allow you to enhance your pornographic exposure by using things like virtual reality, Bluetooth connectivity, downloadable content and smart device apps to bring the fun right to your bedroom in real-time. With some devices you can even link to your partner’s toy, sync to music or enjoy sensations that are in tune with someone else’s. It’s getting pretty realistic out there, that’s all I’m saying.

  • Support Your Long-Distance Relationships

With such high-tech, user-friendly features floating around it’s no wonder why so many people are using male masturbators and their complimentary devices as a way to support long-distance relationships. Customers can now customize their experience like never before, with features that include SenseMotion Technology, long-range controls and wireless remotes along with all the other amazingly high-tech things we discussed in #5. In other words, you now have zero excuse why you let that long-distance union go stale.

  • Make It Easier to Stay Faithful

Temptation strikes us all from time to time, no matter how much we admire our partner. Acting on that temptation, however, is never a good idea. On the other hand, living with unsatisfied sexual urges can be extremely difficult. The right male masturbator can make it much easier to stay faithful in light of such intense compulsions. In fact, some of the higher quality models even allow users to formulate their own sexual fantasy through the use of features discussed above. So, even if you can’t really get away with it you can at least answer some of the questions in your head.

In Summary

The right male masturbator can make all the difference in your bedroom routine, from making it easier to experiment sexually or stay faithful to helping with long-distance love affairs and bringing your favorite porn flick right to your lap. Best of all, the high-tech features being used are only getting better by the day, meaning that this time next year we’ll probably have something new to talk about. In any event, being creative with your sex toys is the best way to get your money’s worth out of them.

High-Tech Male Sex Toys

This technologically advanced world has given us many things, but none of them are as amazing as the high-tech men’s sex toy. Sold by the millions, these futuristic fuck sticks are flying off the shelves for a good reason. But what are they and why is everyone making such a big deal when trying to find the best male sex toy?

What Is a Male Sex Toy?

A male sex toy is basically anything you can wrap around your dick to reach orgasm. It can be anything from the palm of your hand to the vegetables in your fridge. Pop culture has even seen apple pies get the brunt of your insatiable libidos. So, it’s rather difficult to define a male sex toy without putting things into specific categories.

One of the main categories of manufactured male sex toys involves high-tech models that have a wide variety of personal pleasure and couples-friendly features. Made to be skin-safe, satisfactory and effective for all types of people, high-tech male sex toys are now considered the cream of a crop that once included little more than homemade fifis and leftover tube socks.

What High-Tech Features Are Available These Days?

Male sex toys are not what they used to be and I thank God for that. Could you imagine if the women had all the nice things and us men were stuck with hollowed out fruit carcasses for the rest of our lives? Now that’s the kind of pussy power that should get someone arrested. Fortunately, the guys are keeping up their paces with high-tech sex toys that have some of the following features:

  • Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

Some toys allow you to sync up with other toys and/or affiliated user platforms via a secure Bluetooth connection that requires zero cords or wires.

  • Real-Time Porn Interactions

With the right equipment (meaning the right toy with Bluetooth abilities), you can now enjoy live porno experiences with a partner or porn star. And although most of the porn star interactions are pre-recorded, your toys will sync to them and move with the motions on the video.

  • Virtual Reality

If you get yourself a pair of compatible virtual reality goggles you can take the 3D ride of your life with today’s best high-tech male sex toys. The experience can also be synced with Bluetooth to utilize the real-time porn content mentioned above, creating the most life-like masturbation sessions known to man thus far.

  • Toy Compatibility

Some toys even allow you to link theirs up with your partners’ toys for an in-sync sexual experience that can last longer than the both of you. In fact, certain brands have even begun working together to develop options that are compatible across industry lines.

  • Long-Range Controls

These days, you don’t have to worry about the stresses of holding together a long-distance relationship. Modern-day male sex toys are so high-tech that they can be used controlled via wireless remote from several feet away, sometimes even from the other side of the world.

  • Downloadable Content and Games

With some high-tech male sex toys, you get a free smart device app included with your purchase. Those apps are usually filled with chat rooms, games, advice and downloadable content that you can enjoy at your leisure.

  • Automatic Motors

You can now enjoy a completely hands-free masturbation session with all the automatic machines available today. Some even have variable speed and suction controls for increased customization.

  • Customizable Features

Gone are the days of taking whatever you can get. High-tech male masturbators now allow you to fully customize their features, from orifice type and appearance to canal size and texture. Some manufacturers even go so far as to let you choose sleeve canals that have been molded after famous porn stars.

Fun (and Not-So-Fun) Facts about High-Tech Male Sex Toys

Back in the day, men had to use some pretty crazy stuff to get off. Historians recently discovered that ancient dudes used to masturbate with old bread and olive oil. Aren’t you glad we have more options these days?

But with so many choices out there, it can be tough to find what you’re looking for. Here are some things you might want to know before going shopping:

  1. High-tech male sex toys require a special brand of maintenance and clean-up. In fact, some might even call for the use of specific cleaning products and/or material protectant solutions.
  2. Most high-tech toys are designed to be rechargeable, but that doesn’t mean that their remote controls don’t require a “AA” or two.
  3. Furthermore, even rechargeable male masturbators need time to recoup, so make sure you find out how long the charge time is on each device you’re considering.
  4. Top-notch toys in this category often come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but it’s useless if you don’t register the device fast enough after you open it.
  5. Most modern-day male sex toys with high-tech features use skin-safe materials such as silicone or TPE, meaning you might have to update your lube collection a bit to suit your new habit.
  6. Certain manufacturers still use phthalates to make their toys more pliable, but you should stay way from that stuff at all costs, even if that means spending a little more money.
  7. Some modern-day sex toy materials are made to look, feel and perform just like real human skin, which means you have to clean and maintain it in almost the same way.

8 Steps to Help You Enjoy Male Sex Toys Better

Getting your grubby little hands on a good male sex toy is a privilege – one that must be met with ample responsibility and supported by plenty of knowledge. The wonderful world of marital aids is now larger than ever, making it nearly impossible for men to find what they need or enjoy the orgasms they desire. However, once the ideal product is found, most men have no idea how to make the most of their purchase and that’s just a shame.

As such, the following are eight surefire ways to ensure you fall in love with your new toy in a safe and natural way:

Step One: Pick Out the Right Toy

First and foremost, it’s important to select the right male masturbator before ever attempting to enjoy anything. After all, how will you derive pleasure from a device that’s not right for your body type or sexual appetites? The sheer variety on the modern market is astounding, with something available for almost everyone. Use a good buyer’s guide to learn all the ways to determine a good male masturbator from a bad one, and then make your selection based on factors that are most important to you and/or your partner(s).

Step Two: Carefully Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Regardless of which male masturbator you end up buying or how much experience you have with this kind of thing, it’s still important to carefully go over the instruction manual before ever putting anything on your dick – toys, lubes, or otherwise. Here’s why: Not all male masturbation devices are made the same. Furthermore, even similar products require different habits and behaviors depending on what they’re made out of. Each one will function in a unique way and some of them are even compatible with one another. Do you know your masturbator as well as it’s about to know you? If not, change that.

Step Three: Use the Ideal Lube

Once familiar with the operations and limitations of your new male masturbator, don’t forget about the importance of selecting the perfect lube to use with it. Lube type will be determined by the material make-up of the toy as well as things like your skin type and personal preferences. However, some toys can only be used with certain types of lubrication. For example: Silicone toys must be used with water-based lubes or else the toy will become irreparably damaged. Make sure you know where you stand before proceeding and take the time to study a lubrication buyer’s guide to get the most bang for your buck.

Step Four: Get Used to It

The best part about getting a new male masturbator is trying it out for the first time . . .and for the 100th time too. It’s important to get used to how your toy operates before making your mind up about it. Some toys have bonus features that are difficult to find, especially if you skip step three and don’t look at the owner’s manual. Other toys are made in such a way that they feel a whole lot better once they’ve been broken in by the user. Remember that certain materials and sleeve textures will slightly mold to the shape and size of your penis (unlike a vagina), so give it time to acquaint itself with your body.

Step Five: Start Experimenting

So, once you’ve gotten used to your new play thing and you’ve become very familiar with how it feels and operates, you can then start experimenting with it. This is an especially enjoyable step for those who select compatible or high-tech male sex toys because those types have special features that can only be explored through lengthy experimentation sessions (and usually require a partner). The experimentation phase is exciting and can take you places you’ve never been before, but keep in mind that you’ll still have to mind whatever the instruction manual says to prevent toy breakage or injury.

Step Six: Clean Up After Yourself

When all is said and done and you’ve exhausted your genitals and the toy itself, don’t forget to clean up properly. A good bath goes a long way with all male masturbators, especially the ones with an ejaculate reservoir. Clean-up can be as simple as running the toy under warm water with some hypoallergenic soap, but things become a bit more complicated the more complex your masturbator becomes. Again, this information should be listed in the instruction manual so give it a look. If all else fails, look for a comprehensive sex toy cleaning guide for help.

Step Seven: Store It Correctly

Did you know that some male masturbators have to be stored in a special way or else a bunch of bad things can happen? Extreme heat or cold can actually make their materials and components break down, sometimes very quickly. And while many male masturbator manufacturers include storage pouches, bags or boxes with their products, that’s not always the case. Make sure you have a cool, dry, safe place for your items before buying them or else you could be sorry.

Step Eight: Register the Warranty (Where Applicable)

Some modern-day male masturbators come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Many are for a year or more, but the only way a buyer can become privy to that kind of protection is by registering the toy in time. Most toys with a warranty attached come with a registration card in the box, but some must be registered online at the maker’s official website. Either way, it’s crucial to keep your investment secured whenever you can. After all, you probably paid good money for that device in your hand.

In Summary

Proper sex toy maintenance and use are vital to the outcome of any toy-assisted masturbation session. Taking care of your male masturbators and learning how to properly use them will give you many years of enjoyment, while forgetting about the minor details can make it impossible to ever derive pleasure from that sex toy you’ve purchased.